Is it possible to step into Spring just by opening a window? Let us hope. As we all await our respective commutations, how about opening the window to these light and easy combinations with some of our favorite grains?

Silky steamed eggs in chicken broth made seductive with light Korean accents, gyeranjjim seeks a spoon and a bowl of rice grits for company.
No-Peek Carolina Gold Rice Grits

Broken rice is our favorite delivery system for consumption of Carolina Gold. So chubby, so nubby, so irresistibly spoonable are these grains, they are the perfect evening  antidote to circumstantial malaise. 
Asparagus Gomae

Asparagus gets a touch Spring Fever with this magical concoction of crushed toasted benne seeds, mirin, and soy. Simple, fresh, delicious. Champagne, please.
Kettle Corn

Rustle up a pot of kettle corn, flop on the couch, and watch an episode of something. Lightly starched sugar shells and just a touch of butter make these tiny heirloom kernels whisper-crisp and binge-worthy. Good, clean fun.
Overnight Oats

Homemade almond milk, raw toasted oats, and fresh fruit create a breakfast that greets you in the morning. Pictured here with Pink Lady apples, Cara Cara orange fillets, blueberries, and blackberries. 
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