It’s mid-August, a screen door slam from sunburn and heat stroke. Cooking probably not riding high on the to-do list. But Anson Mills grows grains, most of which appreciate a touch of heat to be at their best. Despite our damp brows, we love these recipes and hope they’ll draw you into the kitchen.
Cornmeal-Crusted Black Skillet Fish
with Shallot Sprinkles

A light, lovely repast for bun or plate. Truly a flash in the pan.
Creamy Vinaigrette

This dressing, wrought of guess-which grain, has beautiful emulsive properties and the velvety drape usually associated with egg yolk. It’s vegan, too, so . . .
Coconut Cream Tart with Toasted Meringue

Tested, tweaked, and transferred from deep to shallow pan, this tart basically spent the whole summer with us. Cool, creamy, not too sweet—and with two fabulous crusts for your consideration.
Rough Puff Pastry

Building height and structure, one layer at a time. This outstanding laminated pastry recipe can be used in myriad applications, notably in the hand pies, below.
Berry-Filled Hand Pies

Oh, little hand pie, why the tears? Everyone loves the buttery shatter of your pastry and the quick homemade strawberry jam that makes you sweet. You could be blueberry, too, if you wanted to. 
Quick Strawberry Jam

So delicious, it’s almost too good for toast. And we consider toast a perfect food.
Quick Blueberry Preserves

’Tis the season. Blue-la-la!
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