Spring Pret à Porter
In this Spring edition we’ve got your transitional wardrobe covered with a couple of easy separates and two dressier combinations for those big-impact statements. Each piece features what you’ve come to expect from Anson Mills: fine materials, workmanship, and excellent taste. These are timeless designs we hope you will reach for again and again.

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Farro Piccolo and Avocado Salad
with Pistachios and Celery
When it comes to our farro, here is what we know: if we toss it out onto the field, it comes back with a win. Anson Mills Farro Piccolo tastes so sweet and wheaty and has such a plucky texture and generous nature, it invites good company. Like creamy avocado cubes, chopped toasted pistachios, and blanched spring celery slices. Like leggy pea shoots sleek with lemon vinaigrette. Swirl together on a fork and go crazy. Presenting the perfect spring luncheon salad. You’re welcome.
Asparagus Gomae
What culture coaxes the best flavors from pristinely fresh vegetables? Hands down, the Japanese. Japanese vegetable recipes are so sophisticated in their simplicity, in fact, that the recipes often find themselves faulted here in America when our vegetables fail to rise to the requisite level of quality. Take gomae, for instance. This disarmingly abbreviated preparation involving sesame, soy, and little else can render blanched asparagus or green beans speechlessly delicious. Call gomae a brilliant all-purpose vegetable dressing. But only the sparkling fresh need apply.
Scallion Pancakes
This recipe takes first place for the number of trials it required to achieve actual first-place status. People tell us these are the best scallion pancakes they’ve ever tasted—including our in-house Asian tasting critic, Dawn Yanagihara (and she is really fussy). What makes them so special? The sweet, spicy, deep wheat flavor of Anson Mills Trigo Fuerte flour for starters. The layered flakiness and appealing chew that yields to fresh scallion and luscious melted scallion flavor, and an explosion of toasted sesame inside the cakes, for another. The soulful dipping sauce. The pancakes are not tough, not greasy, not skimpy on scallion flavor—not anything you’d ever associate with take-out scallion pancakes. Instead, wide-ranging high and low nutty, floral, and toasted flavors magnify the delicate richness within. Superb.
Toasted-Oat Alfajores
Another tough start-up with a storybook ending, our alfajores made with sweet, nutty oat flour and scratch dulce de leche put to shame crumbly cornstarch cookies with gluey centers (that no quantity of shredded coconut can disguise). Our toasted oat flour acquits itself perfectly in a buttery shortbread base, which rolls out as thin as a butterfly wing. And our homemade dulce de leche, which we produce in a quantity large enough to sate a glutton, is the silkiest, milky-soft caramel imaginable. Put these elements together and WHAM! (That’s the sound of your neighbors pounding on the door to get some.)
Heres to Spring Collections, Yall, and Good Food!
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