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We are heartbroken for the world and our country right now, for those stricken with this terrible illness. We grieve in particular the great city of New York, which we love and where we return regularly to experience the amazing foods conceived and crafted by creative individuals in small restaurants. To these restaurant owners, chefs, and employees, and to others throughout the U.S. who do not know if they can withstand this crisis, we are thinking of you. We miss you and await your return.
For you who have gathered at home and are less directly affected by the crisis, please know that Anson Mills is a USDA/FDA critical and essential food source and will maintain full production and order fulfillment without risk to the health and safety of our community of supporters or our farmers. Because we grow our own seed, farm production is biosecure to protect critical seed reserves. In isolation at our mill in Columbia, South Carolina, we will continue to process grains to order, cold vac-pack them, and ship them the day they are milled. Anson Mills mills and ships on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays; please order by 4 p.m. ET the previous business day. Be advised that deliveries may be delayed due to high demand at FedEx. 
Early this winter, when things felt very different, I (Kay) began working on a recipe for pupusas like the ones I used to bolt down at a little Salvadoran spot in Jamaica Plain, near Boston, in the early oughts. Hand-wrought masa pancakes filled with pork or cheese, pupusas are griddled until both sides are crisp, their filling melted and threatening to breach. They arrive—generally stacked two for good measure—with a simple, bright red sauce and a crown of cool cabbage slaw. What makes a good pupusa great, of course, is the excellence of its ingredients—and perhaps, in particular, of the masa.
Since pupusas are not the quickest masa project on the block, it seemed reasonable to ask the hominy and masa recipes on our website to be quicker and less complicated. So I went back to hominy school—and a took couple of extra credit credit classes in masa, too. And now, with great pleasure, we offer you newly simplified and foolproof recipes for hominy and masa using Anson Mills Henry Moore hominy corn. 

Scroll down beyond the corn for a couple of lovely additional recipes, as well.

Eat well and stay safe.
Cheese and Green Chile Pupusas

An homage to La Pupusa Guanaca, a once-vibrant part of a Boston neighborhood,
and a more sanguine time.
Fresh Whole Hominy

Make it, freeze it, dry it, mill it, fry it.
Spring Water Masa

Your passport to meso-Native culture.
Spring Water Masa Tortillas

Daily bread and obliging receptacle for fillings large and small.
Vietnamese Rice and Chicken Porridge

Morning, noon, or night comfort with Carolina Gold.

Don't even attempt to social distance from this hermit.
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