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New Crop Heirloom Bennecake Flour

Benne was brought to the Carolina Sea Islands by enslaved Africans. We know benne today as sesame, but there is little resemblance in flavor or form between the two. Modern sesame is grown mainly for oil production. Colonial Era benne was low in oil content and was a kitchen garden staple for the enslaved, who simmered benne seeds in water to draw off the oil, and then decanted the water and oil off the wet seeds for use in rice cookery. The wet benne seeds were dried and pounded in a mortar into benne flour and added to biscuits, breads, and pones. Anson Mills emulates this process by pressing low-oil heirloom benne to draw off a small amount of oil. This makes compressed benne seeds called “bennecake.” We stone-mill fresh pressed bennecake to medium-fine bennecake flour with extraordinary flavor diversity. Add bennecake flour to rice, stews, soups, pastries, cookies, breads, and biscuits for subtle but stunning flavor enhancement.

This product is gluten free.