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Pizza Maker’s Flour (Farina di Pizzaiolo ‘oo’)

Anson Mills Pizza Maker’s Flour is a blend of fine whole grain heirloom European white flatbread flour and ‘oo’ heirloom bread flour. Made into dough with 85% hydration (9 parts flour to 8½ parts water), this flour produces pizza with a crisp bottom crust; a light, excellent chew; a moist interior; and an open crumb. Anson Mills Pizza Maker’s Flour is the benchmark for flatbread flavor diversity: sweet, herbaceous wheat flavors stand on their own, pairing beautifully with bold sauces and delicate fresh cheeses. To assure the dough’s performance, we provide a small bag of fresh milled mixed semolina composed of high-flavor heirloom parching corn and ancient emmer wheat for flavor development and dough transfer from your peel to stone. Pizza variations worldwide abound, but none we know begins with an authentic combination of heirloom flatbread flour and fresh semolina. Farina di Pizzaiolo produces ethereal aroma, texture, and flavor that echoes thousands of years of artisanship.